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Spring Garlic Soup

I made this for our appearance at Soup & Bread. I don’t follow recipes much, so there isn’t really one for this, but here is approximately what I did.

– Grant

I bought green (spring) garlic at the farmers market, 12 bunches of it. I was shooting for 2-3 gallons of soup.

It looks a lot like a green onion, so you trim it and chop it coarsely. Gently sauté the white ends until they soften some, then throw in the greens. Let them wilt a little too then add some water and cover. When it all gets good and soft, wing it in the blender (probably in batches) along with a couple cubed, simmered potatoes. Add chicken or veggie stock and more water as you puree until you get a beautiful soup. It’ll need salt. I also added white pepper and a splash of vinegar at the end to brighten it.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a really good blender, you may want to run it all through a mesh strainer to pull the stringy bits out. Up to you.

Serve warm. I topped with chervil because it was taking over our garden, but I also think it’d be great with a couple croutons for crunch sprinkled in.



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