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Meal One: Huevos Rancheros

Courtesy of Natasha Godard and featured in our first meal!

“It’s a combination of recipes:

The red chile sauce (and carne adovada) came from my friend Heather’s blog: Casita Gatita

This recipe makes WAY more sauce than you need for one recipe of carne adovada. I’ve made two so far (one with meat I cut off a ~2lb fresh hock, and the one we had with you, which was about 3lbs boneless, skinless shoulder – however, I cut off the enormous fat cap before proceeding to cut the meat into large chunks). I will probably get one more recipe for two out of this batch.

I used chile powder to make the sauce, and white pork stock rather than chicken stock. For you guys, Bill and I realized it’d be good to cook the carne adovada in the crock pot on low, then shred it and return to the pot until we were ready to eat.

The beans were basic refried black beans, I followed the recipe here: Homesick Texan

She says that you can do black beans with epazote, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I didn’t.

And you two saw the rest. Heat the corn tortillas in a dry cast iron skillet, layer with bean, carne adovada and cheese, and top with a fried egg! Simple and easy. “


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